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What We Do


Renewable Northwest intervenes in utilities’ Integrated Resource Planning processes to maximize the amount of non-emitting resources that replace retiring coal plants and meet growing demand.


Renewable Northwest engages with partners in state-level policy development and detailed regulatory proceedings across numerous state agencies to ensure that all residents of the Northwest benefit from a cleaner, safer, and efficient electric grid.


Renewable Northwest advocates for regional market expansion to value the geographic diversity of renewable energy generation and facilitate the most efficient and cost effective decarbonization of the grid. Additionally, we acknowledge that lack of transmission is currently a major barrier to bringing more renewable generation to load. We advocate for regional planning around transmission expansion and prioritization of interconnection of greater amounts of renewable generation.

Where We Work

Renewable Northwest is the only advocacy organization with a committed and long-term focus on the renewable energy policies and markets of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. The reputation that we have built over 30 years of advocacy has resulted in deep relationships within state agencies and legislators that translate into realistic and effective policy recommendations. While we live and breathe the Northwest’s electricity scene, we are acutely aware of the need for our regional marketplaces to be integrated with an efficient and connected west-wide electricity market. For this reason, we also engage extensively on market-development advocacy outside of our home states.

How We Work

Renewable Northwest membership consists of energy industry leaders as well as environmental, equity and consumer advocacy organizations that do not always share the same values or priorities. The unique strength we possess is informed by these diverse perspectives and members’ commitment to build relationships and trust that translate into policy and marketplace solutions which reflect the urgency of our need to address climate change, keeping energy rates affordable, and business realities of building, integrating, and operating renewable energy projects. Through collaboration among Renewable Northwest members we are able to create break-through solutions backed by diverse and powerful coalitions.

Renewable Northwest Strategic Plan 2024 - 2026 (click to download pdf)

Renewable Northwest Statement on Systemic Racism (click to download pdf)

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