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RNP Press Release
June 1, 2016

Washington Releases Updated Draft of Clean Air Rule

Olympia, Washington – Washington State Governor Jay Inslee took a critical step in October and charged the state’s Department of Ecology with developing the Clean Air Rule - a comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction regulation that could facilitate the transition to clean energy.

A draft of that rule was made public today and we are pleased that Governor Inslee continues to move Washington along the path to a clean-energy future, which is a direction the people of the state want go.

“The Department of Ecology has a great opportunity to create a strong rule that not only protects our existing economy, but stimulates job growth and local economic development in the state,” said Rachel Shimshak, Executive Director of Renewable Northwest. “The draft of the Clean Air Rule is a good start, but the final rule should further address issues around double-counting and transparency to achieve the desired outcome.  A move toward a clean energy future is a no-regrets solution, and Washington’s economy will benefit if the rule is done right.”

The future of the global economy depends on a clean energy future, and renewable resources are a vital element to that future.  Washington already has a thriving clean tech industry with a proven record of developing new and innovative technologies.  The expansion of clean energy resources in our state can help promote local economic development through the creation high-paying middle-class jobs in Washington.

Through innovative policies like the Clean Air Rule, Washington continues to demonstrate leadership on climate and clean energy policies that protect the public health and safety of Washingtonians.


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