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February 25, 2009

Washington Economic Data on Wind and Renewable Standard Progress

In 2006, the voters of Washington passed Initiative 937, the Clean Energy Initiative. I-937 enacts a Renewable Energy Standard (RES) that requires Washington's 17 largest utilities to get 15% of their electricity from new, homegrown, renewable energy sources by 2020. Utilities are also required to pursue all low-cost energy efficiency and conservation opportunities.
By all accounts, I-937 has been a complete success - and it's good for Washington because it creates good paying jobs for Washingtonians, assists rural communities, and brings more clean energy to the state, all without raising costs to consumers. Still, changes to the Renewable Energy Standard are now being discussed in the Washington Legislature. The following materials hopefully will help inform that debate.
This fact sheet highlights economic impacts of just 4 of Washington's 11 wind projects. While the impacts reported here are significant, they represent just a fraction of the overall economic benefits to Washington's rural counties from development of wind and solar resources.
This analysis reports progress made towards achievement of Washington's Renewable Energy Standard (RES) benchmarks. The news is good: many Washington utilities are well on their way to meeting or exceeding the first RES. These utilities are estimated to have over 500 average megawatts (MWa) of renewables to-date for RES compliance. (updated 2/25/09)
This document illustrates the potential individual and cumulative effects of some of the proposed amendments to the renewable standard in I-937. If adopted, these and similar amendments could significantly undermine the goals of the renewable standard to diversify our resource base, increase economic development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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