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RNP Press Release
November 22, 1994

US Senator and Congressmen Urge BPA to Promote Renewable Energy Resources

Senator Mark Hatfield (R-Oregon), and Congressmen Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Jim McDermott (D-Washington) are urging BPA Administrator Randy Hardy to include a meaningful strategy for developing renewable resources such as wind, solar, and geothermal in its final Business Plan.
In letters written to Randy Hardy over the last month, each Member applauded BPA’s current wind and geothermal pilot projects, but noted the startling lack of attention given to renewables in the draft Business Plan.
In his November 8, 1994, letter, Congressman McDermott wrote, “There is little to no mention of them [renewables] in the plan, which is disturbing when BPA itself claims that the business plan will lay out its operating strategy for the coming years ... Leaving renewable energy out of the picture will cost both the environment and the economy of the Northwest.”
The Members called upon BPA to continue its leadership on these issues and to use innovative ways to promote renewable energy.
“BPA must become leaner and greener to stay competitive, said Congressman Ron Wyden. “BPA should jump start a fresh approach to develop renewable resources, because this will be a long-term winner for ratepayers and the environment.
Senator Hatfield, a strong supporter of both energy efficiency and renewable energy development, said in his letter, “Investing in these assets will have a positive effect on the environment and the economy of the Northwest.
For instance, solar, wind and geothermal resources have no fuel costs and therefore eliminate the uncertainty and expense of future fuel price increases. In addition, the development of these technologies will keep high paying jobs and consumer dollars within the region.”
Rachel Shimshak, director of Renewable Northwest, praised the elected officials for their strong letters saying that their support is crucial to ensuring that the market for renewables continues to develop and that the goals of the 1980 Power Act are met.
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