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RNP Press Release
June 24, 1998

Unusual Alliance Announces Formation of New Environmental Foundation

Renewable Northwest today joined Senator Mark Hatfield, leading environmental groups and the Bonneville Power Administration in announcing the establishment of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The Foundation will receive money from the sale of environmentally superior resources endorsed by the environmental groups, and it will invest that money in additional fish and wildlife restoration efforts and new, non-hydro renewable resources.

"This innovative effort will help customers make a choice and make a difference with their energy dollars," said Rachel Shimshak, Director of Renewable Northwest. "It will allow customers to plug into clean power, and provide additional and real benefits to the environment. Investments by the Foundation will help move the energy system toward a more healthy future -- one that keeps our air clean, restores healthy fish populations and helps us maintain our quality of life," she added.
Renewable Northwest, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Northwest Energy Coalition worked with Bonneville to set up the new Foundation. The environmental groups will evaluate the impacts of certain energy projects and endorse those which are environmentally superior.
Renewable Northwest is a regional organization, sponsored by energy companies and public interest groups, that promotes the development of solar, wind and geothermal resources in the Northwest. Rachel Shimshak will be a member of the Board of the new Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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