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RNP Press Release
April 1, 1995

State survey shows a clean Northwest energy system has huge potential for renewable energy additions

All four Northwest states received high marks in renewable energy use, according to a new study titled Renewable Energy Sourcebook: A Primer for Action released nationally by Public Citizen, and in Oregon, by Renewable Northwest . Additionally, the report shows that Northwest renewable electric resource potential is over seven times our current total electricity consumption.

“Public Citizens' study shows that new renewable energy technologies are moving from the laboratory into the field, as a wide range of utilities are looking to wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass resources for new electrical capacity,” said Matthew Freedman, the report’s author.
“In the Northwest, over 14 public and private utilities are considering investments in renewable resources,” said Rachel Shimshak, Project Director for Renewable Northwest. “We hope that the Northwest will continue its leadership position on clean resources, and set an example for other regions to follow,” she added.
The Renewable Energy Sourcebook contains profiles for each state’s energy use. It includes electricity generation, renewable energy and electric use and resource potential, state rankings, state policies, and electric utility activities. The ranking section shows how states compare nationally. For example, per capita, Oregon is:
  • fourth in terms of total renewable energy consumption;
  • fourth in renewable electric generation, including hydroelectric, thirteenth
  • without hydroelectric;
  • fourth in biomass energy use;
  • eighth in direct use geothermal energy, and;
  • eleventh in solar hot water use.
  • Oregon also offers numerous incentives for renewable energy, ranging from tax credits for businesses and residences and low-interest loans, to solar access ordinances.
Northwest state profiles are available at no charge from Renewable Northwest.
Renewable Northwest is cosponsored environmental and consumer organizations, renewable energy developers, and energy service companies. The purpose of the organization is to promote the implementation of cost-effective, workable renewable resources in the Northwest.
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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