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Renewable NW seeks an Executive Director to lead a strong staff and vibrant membership to advance environmentally responsible renewable energy products and services in the Northwest.

Position is open until filled.
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April 5, 2012

SolarCity: leading the industry through innovation

SolarCity: leading the industry through innovation

Renewable Northwest is pleased to share exciting news about one of our members: FastCompany magazine named SolarCity one of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2012, ranking it among the top ten, alongside global innovators like Google, Amazon and Apple.

The California-based solar energy services company is no stranger to industry accolades. Since its inception in 2006, SolarCity has received numerous awards from business and clean energy groups. The heart of SolarCity’s innovation is its business model, which includes a full spectrum of energy services for homeowners, businesses and non-profit/government organizations, including solar design, financing, installation, and monitoring and energy efficiency evaluations and upgrades. 

Among the company’s 2011 accomplishments is SolarStrong, a groundbreaking initiative for military housing that, if fully realized, could enable installations of solar panels to power up to 120,000 homes for military personnel and their families. SolarStrong is expected to create thousands of temporary and full-time jobs and the company hopes to fill many of those jobs with U.S. veterans. SolarCity also recently celebrated a milestone for the Soaring Heights project at the David Montham Air Force Base in Tuscon, Arizona, which became the largest solar-powered community in the continental United States at the time, and has already generated more than 15 million kWh of power.

As SolarCity continues to be pioneer in the solar industry, it expects to complete several more exciting projects in 2012. In late spring, the company is scheduled to complete a 2,100-solar panel array at Portland Community College that is expected to produce enough energy to power 40 average-size houses.

SolarCity is an outstanding example of how business innovation can lead to lasting success in the renewable energy industry. Congratulations to SolarCity on all that it has achieved and to its bright future. To learn more about SolarCity, please visit:

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