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April 14, 2011

Renewable NW Submits Review of Scientific Literature to Umatilla County Board of Commissioners

Renewable Northwest submitted a "Review of Scientific Literature Regarding Wind Power Generation Facility Siting" to the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners, regarding the amendment to Conditional Use Section 152.616 (HHH) of the Umatilla County Development Code.

Each article has been uploaded here as a link to download:


Cover Letter

Section 1 - Renewable Northwest Whitepapers

Renewable Energy & Economic Development: Real Examples from Oregon. March, 2011.

Windfall from the Wind Farm: Economic Development in Sherman County. July, 2006.

Renewable Energy Fact Sheet. October, 2005.

Wind Power. November, 2006.

About the Oregon Renewable Energy Act, SB 838: Powering Oregon's Future. August, 2007.

Vansycle Ridge Wind Farm. July, 1999.

Stateline Wind Energy Center. January, 2003.


Section 2 - Scientific Reports: Economic Impacts

Oregon Strategic Investment Program Agreement "Echo Windfarms Project." December, 2008.

Oregon Strategic Investment Program Agreement "Combine Hills Turbine Ranch Phase II." March, 2009.

Oregon Strategic Investment Program Agreement "Stateline 3 Wind Project." April, 2009.

ENTRIX Inc. Economic Impacts of Wind Energy Projects in Southeast Washington. Prepared for Southeast Washington Economic Development Association. March, 2009.


Section 3 - Scientific Reports: Property Values

Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission. 2009. Effect of Wind Farms on Property Values. 2009, updated 2010.

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Section 4 - Scientific Reports: Health

Excerpt: World Health Organization. Energy, Sustainable Development and Health. June, 2004. (Cover letter through full introduction and page 70.)

Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission. The Effects of Wind Turbine Sound on Health. January, 2010.

Hessler, George and Hessler Associates. A Note on the Debate about Health Effects from Low Frequency Noise (LFN) from Modern Large Wind Turbines. April, 2011.

AWEA and CanWEA. Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review. December, 2009.

Epilepsy Action, British Epilepsy Association. Wind turbines. April, 2008.

Epilepsy Action, British Epilepsy Association. Photosensitive epilepsy. August, 2007.


Section 5 - Scientific Reports: Setbacks

New York State Energy Research Development Authority. 2005. Public Health and Safety. Report by Global Energy Concepts.

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Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission. Sangamon County Wind Energy Conversion System Setback Requirements. January, 2010.


Section 6 - Scientific Reports: Sound

Bastasch, Mark. Prepared for Renewable Northwest. Summary of International Wind Turbine Noise Regulations. April, 2011.

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Dr. Ramani Ramakrishnan for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Wind Turbine Facilities Noise Issues. December, 2007.


Additional Resources

Suzuki, David. HuffPost Canada. When It Comes to Health, Wind Power Blows Away the Alternative. July, 2011.

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