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The Spokesman-Review
May 3, 2012

Renewable NW Editorial: Clean energy best for state

Renewable energy resources are an important part of Washington’s past, and are demonstrating new benefits that can positively shape our future economy, communities and environment.

Taxpayers deserve the truth about energy sources and policies that shape how they are used. All energy resources used in the United States are the result of policy, so as we continue to invest in energy and optimize efficiency, we must determine which resources deliver the greatest benefits.

Despite nearly a century of subsidies, fossil fuel costs are rising, as are fossil fuel industry profits, which posted multibillion dollar gains even during the recession. Renewable energy rates – on the other hand – are coming down despite the much briefer history and far lesser sum of government support they have received.

Polls show people want more clean energy. Businesses are responding. Renewable industries have brought immense economic, environmental and human health benefits to the Northwest. And, as cited in reports to the region’s public utilities commissions, Northwest utilities have found new renewable projects added to their portfolios to be the least-cost, least-risk of all options for the long term. The proof is in the pudding when good vision, business and policy are in place.

Washington can celebrate its renewable energy legacy and expand upon it significantly.




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