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January 11, 2012

Renewable Northwest Responds Favorably to Report Draft on Wind Farms and Human Health

Advocate Praises Health Department, Underscores Benefits of Renewable Energy

On January 3, 2012, the Oregon Public Health Division released its draft Wind Energy Health Impact Assessment (HIA). Renewable Northwest has been following the HIA process from its onset. The draft report’s overall findings refute concerns about wind farms and health impacts and reinforce our understanding of the many health, economic and environmental benefits wind farms bring to Oregon communities.
While we will submit comments toward some aspects of the report draft proposing minor updates, Renewable Northwest is favorable toward the overall report draft and applauds the State’s efforts.


Dr. John Audley, Renewable Northwest deputy director and HIA steering committee member, issued a statement:


“We commend the Oregon Public Health Division for committing to such a substantial review of the facts at hand. Scientific studies like this one are extremely important and have our organization’s full support.  Renewable Northwest favorably receives the majority of the report draft and takes it as added validation of our mission to advance the responsible development of clean, renewable energy in our region. The Northwest is leading the push to retire coal plants early in favor of safer, healthier options. We look forward to continued collaboration with state leaders and communities as the shift toward a clean energy future continues.”


Highlights of report findings:

  • There are real benefits to Oregon from renewable energy development, including cleaner air that is healthier to breathe and better for our environment, and economic benefits to rural communities.
  • Oregon’s existing regulatory protections are strong and flexible for landowners.
  • Wind energy facilities do not generate air emissions and can reduce air pollution when they displace electricity generated from gas, coal, and other fossil fuels.
  • Oregon sound standards meet or exceed national and international standards for public health protection.


Read the report here:


Read Renewable Northwest's Fact Sheet on Wind Turbine Sound Impacts

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