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RNP Press Release
March 30, 2012

Renewable Northwest Responds to BPA Reciprocity Tariff Filing

Portland, Ore. -- Following today’s Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) reciprocity tariff filing and the related December 7, 2011 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) order rejecting BPA’s  “Environmental Redispatch and No Negative Pricing policy,” Rachel Shimshak, executive director of non-profit advocacy group Renewable Northwest, issued this statement:


While we appreciate Bonneville’s engagement with the region on this issue, we disagree that its filing today satisfies the requirements of the unanimous December 7 FERC order.


The BPA filing is an insufficient response to the order and diverse energy stakeholder concern, because it does not make a long-term commitment to fairness for all generators using its transmission system. Bonneville should treat other generators as it treats its own through policies that uphold non-discrimination, sound contracts, and open access transmission standards.


Our region must continue to evolve our energy systems to better harness our diverse abundance of renewable resources. While much progress has been made, wind, solar and other new renewables still comprise only about 5% of the Northwest resource mix. Renewable Northwest looks forward to continued work with BPA and regional partners toward solutions that are economical, equitable and good for the environment.  


Renewable Northwest is a regional nonprofit advocacy organization promoting the responsible development of renewable energy resources in the Northwest. For more information, visit




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