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RNP Press Release
February 11, 1997

Renewable Northwest Listed in Renew America Environmental Success Index

Portland, OR--Renew America announced today that Renewable Northwest will be included in its Environmental Success Index, an annual publication identifying programs throughout the nation that provide innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Debbie Sliter, Renew America’s Executive Director notes, “The Environmental Success Index provides the environmental movement with what it most desperately needs: a forum for sharing information. By recognizing these innovative programs, we motivate the individuals involved to continue their efforts and provide others with successful models and the information necessary to initiate similar programs in their own communities.”
“Renewable Northwest has been actively working to put energy generation on a sustainable path. We are honored that our efforts to get geothermal, solar and wind energy in the region’s energy mix are being recognized,” said Rachel Shimshak, Renewable Northwest’s Director.
To qualify for inclusion in the Index, programs are evaluated on the basis of four criteria: program effectiveness, natural resource conservation, economic progress and human development. Each qualifying program has passed through three stages of review: reference checks and evaluations from independent local organizations, verification of program results by participating nonprofit organizations at the state level and review by the National Awards Council for Environmental Sustainability.
Coordinated by Renew America, the National Awards Council for Environmental Sustainability identifies and recognizes these award winners and their achievements annually. The coalition of sixty national environmental, nonprofit, government and business organizations includes National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Environmental Law Institute, EarthKind, AT&T, National Geographic Society and Smithsonian Institution.
Renew America is coordinating a live national teleconference on February 19. Environmentally Sustainable Energy Choices: A National Town Meeting, will link audiences in cities across the country with a panel of experts in Washington, DC. The evening will continue with the National Awards for Environmental Sustainability, honoring twenty-four of the 1,600 programs at a gala dinner hosted by AT&T.
For more information about Renew America, call (202) 232-2552 or to see the Environmental Success Index online, visit the World Wide Web page via the Internet:
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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