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RNP Press Release
February 13, 2012

Renewable Energy Advocates Deem BPA Response on Over-generation Incomplete

Portland, Ore. -- On February 7, 2012, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) publicized its draft response to the December 7, 2011 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ruling, which deemed BPA’s “environmental redispatch” policy to be discriminatory toward wind generators and required the pursuit of more equitable solutions. Renewable Northwest, a non-profit renewable energy advocacy organization, voiced concerns about the BPA proposal. Executive Director Rachel Shimshak today issued the following statement:

While Renewable Northwest appreciates BPA’s posting of the draft proposal and invitation for feedback, we feel that the proposal is deficient. It falls short of a binding commitment to open-access principles and non-discriminatory management of the region’s transmission grid. We will continue to insist that BPA comply with the FERC order and file a binding, comparable, open access tariff in addition to reaching resolution on an equitable cost allocation and other issues.

BPA's proposed approach primarily focuses narrowly on wind energy generators and money, but this issue is about much more. Our opposition centers on the principle of non-discrimination and contractual sanctity, both of which are essential to ensure continued momentum for new renewables and related economic vitality in our region. Wind generators are willing to consider some cost allocation, but only if BPA fulfills the FERC request to file an enforceable tariff that will ensure non-discrimination.

The presence of wind power on the BPA system has not only been good for air quality, climate issues and community health, but also for BPA’s customers. Wind generators have purchased existing transmission, cover their own integration costs, and contribute to the embedded costs of the system. Both of these help reduce costs for public power customers and the system.

We urge BPA to prioritize durable solutions to the over-generation challenge. While BPA is taking some good steps, more concerted focus on solutions is needed to better accommodate clean, diverse resources and increase system flexibility. Solutions range from intertie upgrade opportunities, selling and storing additional power, responsible dam spill, and energy demand response. We will continue to work with BPA and regional leaders to achieve a solution to the 2011 scenario and an array of possible future over-generation events.


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