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RNP Press Release
January 10, 2001

Renewable Advocates Applaud Substantial Pacificorp Wind Energy Purchase

In a stunning and timely action, PacifiCorp Power Marketing today announced the purchase of the entire output of the proposed 300 megawatt Stateline wind energy project to be built next year in Walla Walla County, WA, and Umatilla County, Oregon. When completed, the Stateline project will serve over 70,000 households.

The region’s leading renewable advocacy organization responded to the news jubilantly.
"This is a substantial, meaningful action that demonstrates PacifiCorp’s commitment to clean energy," said Rachel Shimshak, director of Renewable Northwest . "At a time when power prices are skyrocketing in the wholesale market and the region is short of power, it is a smart business decision to go with stable-priced, indigenous renewable resources," she added.
PacifiCorp has played a key role in the region’s development of new renewable resources. They were initial sponsors of the successful Wyoming wind project, they have pledged to acquire 50 megawatts of new renewables (in addition to Stateline) to satisfy a PacifiCorp/Scottish Power merger agreement, and they are offering their retail customers the opportunity to choose a wind product directly.
"Through this wind power purchase, PacifiCorp will help fight global warming by helping the electricity system avoid emitting over 475,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year," said Peter West, assistant director of Renewable Northwest. Carbon dioxide is the chief contributor to global warming in the U.S. "It would require more than 200,000 acres of trees to have the same global warming benefit as this wind plant," added West.
The project will have environmental and economic development benefits for eastern Washington and Oregon. It will contribute to the tax base, and also financially benefit farmers on whose land the turbines are built. The project has the support of the local community, including the Blue Mountain Audubon Chapter.
Stateline is being developed by FPL Energy. It has already received the necessary permits from Walla Walla County, and is applying to the Oregon Energy Facilities Siting Council for its permit in Oregon. If all permits are granted, it will be the largest single project in the Northwest and the country.
Renewable Northwest is a regional non-profit organization promoting wind, solar, and geothermal resources in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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