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RNP Press Release
August 3, 2015

U.S. Stepping Forward as Leader in Carbon Pollution Reduction

Clean Power Plan will set the stage for continued renewable energy opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest

Renewable Northwest is pleased the federal government is stepping forward with the Clean Power Plan. This is a watershed event that will bring far-reaching economic and environmental benefits to the country and the Pacific Northwest.

The new carbon emissions standards established within the Clean Power Plan will contribute directly to improvements in public health, national security, energy independence, and our quality of life. Additionally the plan will stimulate economic growth by providing a greater opportunity for incorporation of responsible clean renewable energy generation into our regional energy mix.

“Replacing carbon-producing generation with clean renewables is a no-regrets policy,” said Rachel Shimshak, Executive Director of Renewable Northwest. “When renewables are used as a compliance method, there are almost no fuel costs and no air pollution – so nothing has to change if emissions standards increase.”

The goal of 32% reduction in carbon emissions from existing power generation plants by the year 2030 may seem daunting to some people, but can be achieved through deliberate, well-coordinated planning and cooperation among elected and appointed officials, public and investor-owned utilities, renewable-energy businesses, and the people throughout our communities.

“Implementation of the Clean Power Plan is merely the continuation of a successful approach to energy development that has been going on in the Pacific Northwest for years,” said Shimshak. “The people of our Pacific Northwest communities have long been committed to creating a healthy environment. We look forward to working with the many stakeholders in the region to ensure we continue to meet the goals of the Clean Power Plan using clean renewable energy solutions.”


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