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RNP Press Release
April 19, 2001

Port of Portland Purchases Green Power

Renewable Northwest, an environmental organization supporting renewable energy in the region, commends the Port of Portland for purchasing a significant portion of their electric load from renewable resources. The Port is meeting the Clean Energy Challenge, standards set by regional environmental groups for meaningful commitments to green power purchases by businesses and government agencies. Others meeting the Challenge include Multnomah County, Lewis and Clark College, Norm Thompson and Ashforth Pacific.

"Purchasing power from renewable energy has long term benefits for the environment and public health," commented Diane Zipper, outreach coordinator for Renewable Northwest. "The Port uses a tremendous amount of energy in their operations, and this green power purchase shows they’re thinking about where that electricity comes from and how they can make a positive impact with their energy dollars," noted Zipper.
The Port of Portland will purchase renewable energy through Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program and PGE’s Clean Wind and Salmon Friendly programs, the bulk of the purchase supporting the wind power options. Both utilities’ wind power programs stimulate the development of new wind resources, much of which may come from northeastern Oregon.
"Developing renewable energy, like wind power, offsets our dependency on coal and natural gas," commented Zipper. "At a time when the region needs more power and the price of fossil fuels remains high, renewables are a clean, stable source of energy that bring environmental and economic benefits to the region. The Port is taking a leadership role in creating a market for renewable energy," said Zipper.
According to the US EPA, the generation of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the nation. Renewable energy from solar, wind and geothermal resources release little or no pollutants into the air and water, and are less disruptive to land than mining fossil fuels or creating large hydro projects. And unlike nuclear power, renewables produce no hazardous wastes.
Renewable Northwest is an environmental non-profit organization promoting renewable energy projects and policies in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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