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Sustainable Business Oregon
May 31, 2012

Pivotal Leaders program announces new class

The Pivotal Leaders program named its 2012 class Thursday, recognizing executives in the Pacific Northwest who've been singled out for their leadership in the cleantech industry.

The new leaders, a who's-who list from Oregon and Washington, will join the program which has honored 47 executives and individuals since it was launched in 2010.

The brainchild of Portland venture capital firm Pivotal Investments, Pivotal Leaders sets out to recognize and nurture executive talent in the region with an eye on developing a robust cleantech sector of job-providing businesses.

"Our cleantech economy not only needs capital and a supportive policy framework but also a strong network of people to support ideas, innovation and growth,” said Ashley Henry, director of Pivotal Leaders, in a press release. "Pivotal Leaders is designed to honor those innovators and to connect them with one another, all so we can increase cleantech's growth in the region."

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