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RNP Press Release
October 8, 1999

Northwest Renewable Energy Group Supports Utility Merger

Renewable Northwest today praised the decision made by the Oregon Public Utility Commission to approve the merger of Oregon-based PacifiCorp and Scottish Power of the United Kingdom.

Scottish Power has made several important environmental commitments as a stipulation to OPUC approval, one being the development of 50MW of additional renewable resources over the next five years throughout the region.
"We are looking forward to working with the company and the Commission to follow through on this commitment," said Rachel Shimshak, Director of Renewable Northwest.
The deal also calls for Scottish Power to offer a "green" or renewable product to all of its customers throughout its entire service territory, which "will allow customers to plug into clean power, and provide additional and real benefits to the environment," noted Shimshak.
The utility will also make a contribution to the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The Foundation receives money from the sale of environmentally superior resources and invests that money in additional fish and wildlife restoration efforts and new, non-hydro renewable resources.
"We are very pleased with the Commission’s approval of the deal, and appreciate Scottish Power’s approach to our community," added Shimshak.
Other benefits of the merger to customers include doubling PacifiCorp's current investments in low-income and local conservation programs and implementing standards and guarantees for important customer services.
Renewable Northwest is a regional advocacy organization promoting the implementation of solar, wind and geothermal resources in the Northwest.
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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