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RNP Press Release
September 7, 1994

Northwest Renewable Energy Advocates Urge BPA to Include Action on Renewable Energy in its Future Plan

Renewable Northwest today urged the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to include a comprehensive strategy to promote regional acquisition of safe, clean, renewable energy resources in its Business Plan. Such action would ensure a sound energy future for the people of the Northwest. Renewable energy resources include solar, wind and geothermal.

Rachel Shimshak, director of Renewable Northwest, speaking at a public meeting on the Business Plan at the Portland Convention Center said, "Despite the requirement in the 1980 Power Act to prioritize renewable resources, Bonneville's 231-page Business Plan barely mentions renewable energy, and offers no strategy for achieving the renewables goals of the Act. We want to fill in that blank with a Renewable Action Plan that will diversify our energy system, reduce potential fuel price and availability risks, protect our treasured environment, and keep the system competitive for the long run."
The Renewable Northwest Renewable Action Plan includes the following steps for BPA:
1) help the region acquire 450-600 average megawatts (the size of one large coal or gas power plant) of power from renewable resources by the year 2000;
2) make meeting the megawatt goal a benchmark against which BPA will be measured; and
3) pledge to lower the emission of greenhouse gasses from the power it buys and sells.
"Because it generates half the power and controls 80% of the transmission in the region, BPA plays a huge role in determining the future of renewable energy in the Northwest," said Shimshak. "They have already taken positive steps by investing in wind and geothermal projects. We want them to build on those accomplishments by adopting a renewable action plan that will help transform the market and make the goals of the Power Act a reality," she concluded.
Renewable Northwest is an advocacy organization sponsored by renewable energy developers, energy efficiency companies, environmental and consumer groups. The purpose of Renewable Northwest is to promote the implementation of cost-effective, workable renewable technologies in the Northwest.
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For more information contact:
Rachel Shimshak, Director
Renewable Northwest Project
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