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RNP Press Release
February 29, 2016

NEW REPORT! Rates will remain steady under Clean Electricity & Coal Transition Plan

Plan will remove coal from PGE and Pacificorp supply and increase renewable resources

Renewable Northwest Analysis Shows Oregon’s Clean Electricity & Coal Transition Plan will eliminate coal and double Renewable Portfolio Standard without increasing costs Today, Renewable Northwest, a nonprofit that supports the environmentally responsible expansion of renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest, released its “Estimated Rate Impacts” analysis report showing the goals of the Clean Electricity & Coal Transition plan can be achieved without significantly increasing electricity costs for customers.

Oregon’s investor owned utilities, ratepayer advocates, and environmental stakeholders reached agreement on the plan to remove coal from Oregon’s energy mix by 2030, double the amount of electricity from renewables in PGE and Pacificorp’s electricity supply to 50% by 2040, and help meet the State’s own goal of reducing carbon emissions to 75% below 1990 levels by 2050.

The analysis, conducted by Flink Energy, demonstrates that for PGE and Pacific Power, the cost effects through 2040 ranged from an average increase of 0.9% to a decrease of 2.8%, compared to 2015. These findings show that Oregon can remove coal from its energy mix and increase our supply of stable-priced renewable energy while keeping rates reasonable.

“The people of Oregon are ready to transition from coal to clean, renewable energy resources,” said Rachel Shimshak, Executive Director of Renewable Northwest. “This plan is an example of what can be achieved when people come together and collaborate to find workable solutions. The very good news is that the cost of going green is affordable.”

The Oregon Legislature will consider the Clean Electricity & Coal Transition plan in the 2016 session.

The Clean Electricity & Coal Transition plan is supported by Renewable Northwest, the Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon, Climate Solutions, NW Energy Coalition, Oregon Environmental Council, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, Pacific Power, Portland General Electric, and Sierra Club, who represent dozens of organizations with a shared interest in providing affordable electricity to customers while at the same time preserving our treasured quality of life.



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Director of Communication
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