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RNP Press Release
April 22, 2013

New Report: Over $9 Billion Invested In Oregon Renewable Resources

Salem, OR – A new report issued today on Earth Day by the region’s leading renewable energy advocacy organization shows that the amount of investment in renewable energy manufacturing and projects in Oregon now totals over $9 billion. Renewable Northwest analyzed 2012 state economic development data and found that the $9 billion of cumulative investment in the state has resulted in a total of 3,200 MW’s of clean power generation, contributing over $79 million in cumulative public revenue to local communities. It is also estimated that over 4,600 jobs have been created in the renewable energy industry.

States Rachel Shimshak, executive director of Renewable Northwest, “These numbers demonstrate the positive role renewable energy plays in Oregon’s economy. Continuing to support this growing market with stable, long-term policies will keep Oregon in a leadership position and bring much needed jobs to both urban and rural parts of our state.”

Judge Gary Thompson can attest to the benefits that wind development has brought to Sherman County, “Renewable energy development has helped to rebuild our county. The tangible benefits that rural communities like ours receive from these installations are unprecedented.”

Oregon ranks 5th in the nation for wind capacity installed, and has enough wind power to provide electricity to nearly half of Oregon’s total households. 2012 also saw the completion of Oregon’s first utility-scale geothermal project, Neal Hot Springs in Malheur County. Solar has also seen significant growth: of all 8,800 plus installations in the state, over half of them have been built in the last three years. The state ranks third in the nation overall for renewable energy, in part due to the region’s hydroelectric system.

Added Varner Seaman, policy director for Renewable Northwest, “Oregon’s renewable energy policies are working. We should continue to assess and support these policies, and improve them as we can to continue to see these benefits to our state.”

For the full breakdown of investment, capacity, and jobs, please see the full report at:


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