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RNP Press Release
June 23, 2003

New Net-Metering Standard Benefits PacifiCorp Customers, Region's Economy and the Environment

Boise, ID – PacifiCorp customers can reap economic benefits from investing in small-scale renewable energy systems, thanks to action taken Friday by Idaho’s Public Utilities Commission.

PacifiCorp’s new net metering standard allows residential customers with solar, small wind, or small hydro systems (up to 25 kilowatts) to easily connect with PacifiCorp’s electric distribution system. Large commercial and irrigation customers may hook up to 100 kilowatts into the system. Net-metered customers may use the electricity they generate and receive credit from PacifiCorp for any excess power produced.
"Net metering for small-scale, clean, renewable energy systems is one important step toward diversifying the region’s energy mix and reducing our over-dependence on hydropower and fossil fuels," said Sonja Ling of Renewable Northwest, which in February joined NW Energy Coalition in petitioning the PUC to adopt clear net-metering standards for PacifiCorp customers.
Before Friday, only Idaho Power and Avista utility customers enjoyed the benefits of net-metering standards in Idaho. Now all Idahoans served by investor-owned utilities can participate in this l program.
"We hope PacifiCorp customers take advantage of this opportunity and use the natural resources on their land to make clean energy," said Bill Eddie of Boise, an attorney with Advocates for the West, which represents both petitioning groups.
"Creating opportunities like net metering to bring more clean renewable energy on-line is exactly what the region needs to ensure stable rates, a robust economy and healthy environment," said NW Energy Coalition policy director Nancy Hirsh.
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For more information contact:
Bill Eddie
Advocates for the West
(208) 342-7024
Sonja Ling
Renewable Northwest Project
(503) 224-4544
Marc Krasnowsky
NW Energy Coalition
(206) 621-0094
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