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RNP Press Release
February 13, 2014

New Direction Needed on Oversupply Protocol at BPA

Portland, Ore. – Today the Bonneville Power Administration issued its draft Record of Decision on the Oversupply Management Protocol, which sets policy during over-generation events in high water years.  This is the first decision that Elliot Mainzer has issued since being named BPA’s Administrator. Renewable Northwest appreciates that Mainzer acknowledges the benefits of renewable energy resources in his Preface and expresses an interest in identifying durable, long-term solutions for the region.  We do not support the direction this draft Record of Decision takes, however. The Oversupply Protocol is bad policy for the Northwest because it curtails clean energy resources, such as wind, while fossil fuel resources like coal continue to generate power.

Commented Rachel Shimshak, executive director of Renewable Northwest, “We have an opportunity to improve how we manage our energy system to increase clean, renewable resources. We hope that Bonneville makes a major course correction and puts this policy behind us so that we can all move forward towards the clean, reliable energy future ratepayers demand.”

Renewable Northwest has recommended to BPA that the oversupply policy be retired and instead use increased regional coordination and increase the use of market practices to make the system flexible enough to turn down coal plants during periods of high hydro-generation.

Added Cameron Yourkowski, senior policy advisor at Renewable Northwest, “BPA should be pursuing policies that make our system flexible enough to accommodate the periodic abundance of clean energy, such as wind and hydro. This is a good problem to have if it is managed correctly, but this policy does not get us there.” 

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