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July 20, 2002

Kinko’s Powers Up Renewable Energy Purchases with Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Green Mountain Energy Company

Kinko’s Increases Nationwide Green Power Purchases 30 Percent, Becomes Largest Renewable Energy Business Customer in Oregon

Dallas and Portland, OR – Kinko’s, Inc., Portland General Electric (PGE), Pacific Power and Green Mountain Energy Company today announced that Kinko’s has become Oregon’s largest green power purchaser.

Kinko’s has agreed to buy renewable energy for 10 Oregon branches served by PGE and Pacific Power for an expected total of 1.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually – about the same energy required to power 125 average homes in the Pacific Northwest for a year. A purchase of this size offsets carbon dioxide emissions as much as not driving the average car more than 372,000 miles during the same period. It would take more than 22,800 trees a full year to remove that same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.
Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s largest retail provider of cleaner electricity, will fulfill a substantial portion of the renewable power demand for many of the participating Kinko’s locations. Three stores served by Pacific Power will purchase 20 percent of their power through the utility’s Blue Sky wind power program.
The new agreement increases Kinko’s estimated annual renewable power purchases nationwide by 30 percent to 6.5 million kWh. This new agreement was made possible under Oregon’s new electricity industry restructuring law, which went into effect in March 2002. PGE and Pacific Power first began offering renewable power to customers in 2000.
"At Kinko’s, protecting the environment is a top priority," stated Heather Clark, market director for Kinko’s. "We are proud to work with Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Green Mountain Energy Company as a way to demonstrate our corporate environmental commitment and desire to achieve lasting benefits for both our local community and the planet as a whole."
The 10 participating branches are located in the Portland area as well as in Medford, Corvallis and Bend, Oregon. Seven locations will switch to Green Mountain EnergySM electricity. This 100 percent renewable power product is offered by both PGE and Pacific Power, is comprised of a mix of geothermal and wind energy, and is 99 percent pollution free. Three stores served by Pacific Power will purchase Blue Sky wind power, placing Kinko’s at the program’s "Champion" level. Kinko’s also becomes one of PGE’s largest renewable power purchasers among the 318 business and 12,630 residential customers enrolled.
"Oregon is known world-wide for caring about the environment, and that goes for its businesses too," said Thor Hinckley, PGE’s program manager, renewable products. "PGE is proud to provide a variety of renewable energy products and we applaud Kinko’s for its leadership in making such a large purchase."
"With its purchase of Green Mountain Energy and Blue Sky, Kinko’s is bringing cleaner energy into the power grid that otherwise would have to be generated by less environmentally friendly sources," said Bill Edmonds, environmental policy manager for Pacific Power. "Kinko’s is leading 316 Oregon businesses and 8,467 Oregon households using Pacific Power who are investing in a more sustainable future."
"Kinko’s commitment to the environment and leadership in supporting renewable energy is quite commendable," said Karen Norris, Oregon program director for Green Mountain Energy Company. "Green Mountain Energy Company’s mission is to change the way power is made. We are committed to offering an easy way for Oregonians to help keep Oregon clean by reducing the air pollution that results from their electricity they use."
"One goal of Kinko’s Environmental Vision Statement is to use renewable energy sources," said Larry Rogero, manager of environmental affairs for Kinko’s. "Working with these great organizations, Kinko’s has just grown our nationwide renewable power purchases by 30 percent, bringing us one step closer to realizing our vision."
Kinko’s made its first two renewable energy purchases through Green Mountain Energy Company in California and Pennsylvania in 1999. Kinko’s buys renewable energy in 12 states, including a previous agreement in Eugene, Ore. Other environmental initiatives include reducing energy use, offering recycled and alternative papers, and minimizing waste.
According to a 2001 survey of retail power purchasing trends in the Pacific Northwest by Renewable Northwest , green power demand in the four-state region was at 47.1 million kwh per year, and expected to reach more than 160 million kwh this year.
"Purchases made by commercial customers like Kinko’s really drive the market forward," said Diane Zipper, director of green power programs at Renewable Northwest, a regional non-profit promoting the use of solar, wind and geothermal resources.
About Kinko’s
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About Portland General Electric (PGE)
Portland General Electric (PGE) is a recognized leader in the utility industry with more than a century of experience delivering safe and reliable electricity. As a fully integrated electric utility, PGE serves more than 738,000 retail customers in northwest Oregon and wholesale customers throughout the western United States. To learn more, visit PGE on the Web at
About Pacific Power
Pacific Power is an operating division of PacifiCorp, one of the West’s leading energy companies serving more than 1.5 million electric customers in six states. PacifiCorp has participated in wind technology research for more than 20 years. Electricity from its renewable projects is integrated into the PacifiCorp system, which also includes power generated from coal and natural gas plants. With a diverse resource mix, the company improves supply reliability. For more information on Pacific Power’s environmental initiatives, go to
About Green Mountain Energy Company
Green Mountain EnergySM electricity is the leading brand of cleaner electricity in the states where Green Mountain Energy Company ( does business. The Company provides less-polluting electricity generated from sources including wind, solar, water, geothermal, biomass, and natural gas. Nearly a half a million customers in seven states: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas have chosen Green Mountain EnergySM electricity. The Austin, Texas-based Company was founded in 1997 with a mission to "change the way power is made."
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