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RNP Press Release
May 19, 2003

First Multi-State Law Firm to Commit Its Support for Renewable Energy

Stoel Rives LLP commits to offsetting over 630,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions associated with firm-wide electricity use through support of Green Tags.

Portland, OR – The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Renewable Northwest today celebrate a commitment by the law firm Stoel Rives LLP to purchase Green Tags (also know as Tradable Renewable Energy Credits) in support of clean renewable energy.

The purchase represents a substantial amount of electricity produced from clean renewable energy resources (such as wind) on behalf of Stoel Rives' offices located in: Portland Ore, Vancouver Wash, Seattle Wash, Salt Lake City Utah, Boise Idaho, San Francisco Calif, Sacramento Calif and Tahoe City Calif.
"Stoel Rives intends to be the leading law firm serving the renewable energy industry in the west," said Peter Mostow a member of the Stoel Rives Renewable Energy Group. "Our purchase of Green Tags demonstrates that commitment."
Stoel Rives' significant purchase of Green Tags will result in an increased percentage of wind power entering the electricity grid and a corresponding reduction in the combustion of coal and natural gas. This amount of renewable energy represents an annual savings of over 630,000 pounds of greenhouse gas (primarily carbon dioxide) emissions. This is equivalent to taking approximately 55 cars off the road for one year or planting 85 acres of trees.
"We applaud Stoel Rives' significant purchase of Green Tags, which meets local and national environmental standards," said Rachel Shimshak, director of Renewable Northwest, a regional non-profit promoting renewable resources in the region. "Leadership by green power purchasers like Stoel Rives shows that businesses and individuals alike support clean power."
BEF President Angus Duncan said his organization is pleased to have Stoel Rives as its newest partner in supporting a growing renewable energy industry. "Everyday more and more companies from diverse sectors of industry are recognizing that corporate environmental stewardship is good business for everyone. We commend Stoel Rives for being first in theirs."
Stoel Rives LLP is the first law firm to join the EPA's Green Power Partnership, a new voluntary program working to standardize green power procurement as part of best practice environmental management. "Conventional electricity generation is the nation's single largest industrial source of air pollution," said Kurt Johnson of EPA's Green Power Partnership. "Fortunately, far-sighted organizations like Stoel Rives are starting to buy green power - providing a great example of environmental leadership."
About Stoel Rives LLP
Stoel Rives is a business law firm providing services throughout the western United States. It is regarded as a regional leader in energy, natural resources, environment, corporate and intellectual property law and complex litigation. The firm's 375 lawyers and 500 support staff provide client-focused services to a wide range of businesses and individuals from eight offices in Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Idaho. For more information, visit
About Green Tags
Also known as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or Tradable Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs), BEF’s Green Tags represent the environmental benefits that occur when renewable energy replaces energy produced from burning fossil fuels on the
power grid. The result is a corresponding savings in greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide).
BEF’s Green Tags are Green-e certified by the Center for Resource Solutions – and designated Climate Cool by the Climate Neutral Network as a net zero impact on the climate – New renewable energy resources that produce BEF’s Green Tags are certified by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Renewable Northwest and the Northwest Energy Coalition.
About Renewable Northwest
Renewable Northwest is an environmental, non-profit organization promoting renewable energy projects and policies in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Visit online at
About BEF
The Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 1998 to further the development and use of new renewable energy resources. Through revenues generated from the sales of green power products, BEF funds projects that restore damaged watersheds and support new renewable energy projects from solar, wind and biomass. BEF pioneered the sale of Green Tags in 1999 and has helped establish national standards for certification and trading. Created by regional environmental groups and the Bonneville Power Administration, the Foundation operates collaboratively with but independent of both. Visit online at
About the EPA Green Power Partnership
The Green Power Partnership is a new EPA voluntary program. Partners in the program make a commitment to purchase green power within one year. In return, EPA provides technical assistance and recognition. The Partnership currently includes over 120 Partner organizations that have made a combined annual commitment to almost 700,000 megawatt hours of green power annually. Additional information is available at
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For more information contact:
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Pat Nye
Stoel Rives LLP
Kim Fiske
Renewable Northwest Project
Natalie McIntire
EPA Green Power Partnership
Kurt Johnson
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