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EarthShare Oregon logoAre you taking advantage of your workplace giving program?

You may have a chance to give to Renewable Northwest easily and conveniently but don’t even know it.
Workplaces all over Oregon operate giving programs for employees, and 100 of them directly include EarthShare Oregon, of which Renewable Northwest is a proud member.

What does this mean to you? You can choose to have a regular contribution sent automatically to your favorite Oregon conservation groups, including Renewable Northwest. Since your donation is spread out over the course of a year, the amount deducted from each paycheck is minimal, and all gifts are tax-deductible. Many companies even match their employees’ donations!

If your workplace is not currently involved in an EarthShare Oregon giving campaign, establishing one is easy. EarthShare Oregon will work with your employer to set up a program that meets your company’s needs.

Oregon’s natural beauty and livability is legendary. With your contribution to EarthShare Oregon, you can share in the responsibility for protecting these gifts. For more information, please contact Meghan Humphreys at  (503) 223-9015, or visit
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