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RNP Press Release
January 14, 2011

Coalition Forms to Advance Montana Economy Through Wind Energy Development

Montana Wind Group Launches Thanks to Butte Jobs Summit

Helena, MT – Formed in the wake of the Montana Economic Development Summit organized by U.S. Senator Max Baucus last September, a coalition of diverse business, industry and non-profit leaders is mobilizing under a shared goal: to spur Montana’s economy by harnessing the state’s full renewable energy potential.
The Montana Wind Group is working to engage, educate and secure support from state leaders, counties and communities. The coalition’s objective is to show how wind power has benefitted Montana through statewide economic development, job creation and stability for farmers, ranchers and communities.
The coalition is targeting its action toward securing supportive policies for project siting, transmission and business development essential to realize the economic development potential of the state’s wind energy resources.
“The Montana Wind Group is an example of what is possible when diverse parties collaborate to drive our economy forward,” said John Audley, Montana Wind Group member and deputy director at Renewable Northwest. “Our message is loud and clear: Montana wind means business. This group would not have been possible without the Economic Development Summit. We want to thank Senator Baucus for bringing wind leaders from around the country together in Butte to help make this happen.”
“I’m so pleased to see this group come together to support good-paying jobs in Montana and help put our state on the map as a wind energy leader. This is just one more example of how bringing folks together through forums like our Jobs Summit in Butte can lead to real results and real jobs for Montana’s economy, and I’m happy to have helped,” Baucus said.
The Montana Wind Group is a coalition of business, industry and non-profit leaders advocating responsible development of Montana’s renewable energy resources. For more information about the group and its members, visit
For more information contact:
Erin Greeson
(503) 223-4544
Wind and Sun -- Montana's Next Economic Boom

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