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The Northwest has a history of producing power from local, renewable energy sources, but over time the region has become heavily reliant upon polluting fossil fuels to provide 40% of our power generation. That needs to change if we want to maintain our quality of life.
Here in the Northwest, we are surrounded by an abundance of untapped renewable energy resources. As our region's need for electricity grows, we are presented with an opportunity to restore our legacy of energy independence by developing clean wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources to meet these needs.

A Clean Energy Future

Producing power from renewable resources, such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and wave energy, does not produce the pollution or the heavy environmental impacts associated with mining and burning coal and natural gas. Also, since renewable sources have no fuel costs, they eliminate the uncertainty and expense of future fuel price increases and keep our energy dollars invested locally. Renewable energy projects create local jobs and move us toward a more sustainable energy future for ourselves and our children. Renewables are the perfect solution to traditional power sources, which are the country's single largest source of air pollution and contributors to global warming.
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Wind and Sun -- Montana's Next Economic Boom

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Video - Energy Imbalance Market

It is time for the Northwest to modernize its electricity system and create an Energy Imbalance Market.

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Renewable Energy Case Studies
Renewable energy development is transforming the region as companies and family farms harness their own power and catch the sustainability business wave. Check out the stories below for some examples of what others are doing.
Renewables Mean Clean Power Now
Any form of energy production has inherent impacts on the environment. The goal is to find a way to meet our energy needs and minimize those impacts. Harnessing our abundance of local, renewable energy resources is one of the best options available to us immediately. Developing generation from wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable resources provides the Northwest the ability to meet our energy needs, reduce air pollution, protect vital ecosystems and combat global warming.