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RNP News Item
by: Erin Greeson
August 13, 2010

Renewable NW's Concerns With ODFW Sage-Grouse Plan Draft

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) recently announced its updated greater sage-grouse conservation plan draft for public comment. Due to its proposed restrictions, the updated plan - if enacted - would prevent the development of responsibly sited commercial-scale renewable energy projects in the majority of Southeastern Oregon. This has serious ramifications for our climate, clean energy, job creation and the health of natural resource dependent communities.
(More on the sage-grouse plan draft here.)
We have a longstanding commitment to responsible renewable projects and to protecting wildlife; we will support a sage-grouse conservation plan that is structured to work. We feel that proposals with profound impact on communities and economic survivability should include public involvement to secure the support necessary for successful implementation and durable outcomes. We are concerned that the ODFW draft plan does not approach these matters in a balanced and fully data-driven manner. We are interested in working together with ODFW and other parties as part of a solution-oriented process in resolving this matter.
Due to the lack of public input during the draft plan development process, we request an open, inclusive process going forward and a revised plan.
The maps below illustrate the problem we are concerned with, which is that the plan, if enacted as proposed, would essentially eliminate renewable energy development in most counties in eastern Oregon.
This first map shows the sage-grouse conservation plan areas overlaid on land management areas.

download >
( 4.22 MB pdf file)
This second map shows the sage-grouse conservation plan areas overlaid on wind resource areas.

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( 4.85 MB pdf file)
This file map shows  the sage-grouse conservation plan areas overlaid on solar resource areas.

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( 2.06 MB pdf file)
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The issue of sage-grouse protection is one that Renewable Northwest takes seriously. One of the pieces of the puzzle is how to balance renewable energy development, which is a vital tool in combatting global warming, with ensuring the protection of sage-grouse habitat.
The following resources are important to this issue.