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Renewable NW Seeks New Executive Director

Renewable NW seeks an Executive Director to lead a strong staff and vibrant membership to advance environmentally responsible renewable energy products and services in the Northwest.

Position is open until filled.
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RNP Press Release
June 13, 2011

Renewable Northwest Supports Complaints to FERC Surrounding BPA Over-Generation Policy

Portland, Ore. -- Renewable Northwest – a non-profit regional advocacy group – issued the following statement today to support a complaint filed by a coalition of Northwest energy companies to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in response to the Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) “Environmental Redispatch” policy to over-generation. Executive Director Rachel Shimshak provided the following remarks:

We understand why wind power generators, investor-owned utilities and renewable energy stakeholders are filing FERC complaints about the BPA’s chosen approach to over-generation. While we acknowledge the challenge of a record snowpack, the surplus power generation impacting the Bonneville system is caused by too much water, not too much wind. We hope that FERC, the BPA and regional stakeholders can together find an equitable solution to the current over-generation challenges, and we urge all to work swiftly and collaboratively toward effective long-term strategies for the future that address a diversity of scenarios, including this one. We stand ready to engage in that process.

Unilaterally curtailing wind projects with no compensation is an inappropriate solution with negative impacts. It is also inconsistent with the Northwest’s future-forward commitment to harnessing renewable energy resources. Curtailing clean, free wind power is bad for ratepayers, businesses and the environment, and it sends a signal of uncertainty to renewable energy companies, which have invested heavily in the Northwest, bringing jobs and tax revenues to resource-dependent rural communities. This issue is not about power reliability: it is about money and how to equitably allocate the costs of over-generation events to customers of BPA’s system. We recommend a diversity of more cost-effective solutions, such as displacing coal outside the BPA balancing area and responsible additional spill over dams.

The Northwest is moving away from coal toward a clean energy future. We must rise to the occasion as leaders, innovating through the transition to optimize the inclusion of clean, renewable energy on our system and neighboring ones. At a time when the region and world are seeking solutions to a safer, more stable energy system, we must deploy plans that support the growth of renewables as opposed to hindering such progress.

Renewable Northwest is a regional nonprofit advocacy organization promoting responsible development of renewable energy resources in the Northwest. For more information, visit Northwest is a regional nonprofit advocacy organization promoting responsible development of renewable energy resources in the Northwest. For more information, visit


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