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E3’s Finding that Gas Peakers are Least Cost and Needed for PNW Reliability is Outdated and Flawed

Renewable Northwest's Technology & Policy Analyst Sashwat Roy teams with Cynthia Mitchell to poke holes in the assumption that gas peakers are least cost.

Renewable Northwest: Statement on Systemic Racism

While the work of Renewable Northwest has been very narrowly focused on the renewables industry and the benefits of decarbonization, we cannot ignore or excuse ourselves from addressing issues of systemic racism.

The Coronavirus and Decarbonization

As the world struggles to flatten the curve of Coronavirus infections, I am reminded of another curve we would be wise to maintain our focus on — the decarbonization curve.

Oregon Offshore Wind Energy Planning Public Webinars - Coming at you next week: May 12 & 13. @BOEM_DOI & the DLCD will share updates on current outreach & engagement activities to inform possible offshore wind energy leasing along the Oregon coast.

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