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RNP Press Release
June 1, 2017

Statement of Renewable Northwest on President Trump’s Decision to withdraw from the Paris International Agreement on Climate Change

The President’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord is profoundly disappointing and inconsistent with the reality we are experiencing on the ground, and with the actions our states and region have taken to combat the serious threat posed by climate change. The people of the Northwest care about our quality of life; our local and statewide elected officials, as well as many major businesses, recognize this reality and have taken leadership positions on clean energy policies that continue to move us in the right direction.

Contrary to the President’s statement, our region along with others has benefitted both environmentally and economically from the transition away from fossil fuels toward a cleaner energy economy. The over $21 billion invested in wind, solar and geothermal resources in the Northwest has created thousands of jobs and brought hundreds of millions of dollars in local tax revenues that counties have used to improve public safety, education programs, and infrastructure. Scores of renewable energy businesses call the Northwest their home, and the projects these businesses help create are generating benefits in the rural areas where they are located.

The President may be stepping away from the Paris Climate Accord, but we are resolute in our drive to continue cleaning up the electricity sector to achieve clean air, clean water, and a clean future for ourselves and our children.

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