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Renewable NW Seeks New Executive Director

Renewable NW seeks an Executive Director to lead a strong staff and vibrant membership to advance environmentally responsible renewable energy products and services in the Northwest.

Position is open until filled.
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March 14, 2014

Northwest Delegates Commend Renewable Northwest

In honor of Renewable Northwest’s 20th anniversary, several members of the Northwest delegation have sent congratulatory letters to mark the occasion. The letters celebrate Renewable Northwest’s multiple accomplishments in the region that have resulted in over 7,600 megawatts of new, renewable energy resources, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Wrote Senator Maria Cantwell, “Over the years, Renewable Northwest has helped create a renewable energy community in the Northwest which has promoted solid policies to reduce barriers to new renewables, and allow clean energy to advance.”

Senator Patty Murray also congratulated the group stating, “Renewable Northwest is demonstrating how the important vision of our renewable energy future can become a reality.”

Washington has seen over $8 billion invested in new renewables and more than 2,970 MW of renewable energy installed in the state.

Senator Jeff Merkley also sent a generous letter, stating, “The work you do and the policies you promote are absolutely imperative if we are to solve the environmental challenges facing our planet, and reap the economic benefits that your work demonstrates are available.”

“The 3,300 megawatts I’m told you’ve helped bring to market are, of course, good news for our energy supply picture, but they are event better news for Americans who have been put to work building the wind, wave, solar and geothermal facilities that power our region’s modern economy,” wrote Senator Ron Wyden. “Each of those projects stand as a testament to Rachel’s of-stated admonition: planning is good – doing is better.”

Oregon as seen over $9 billion invested in new renewables and more than 3,300 megawatts installed.

Download their full letters here:

Senator Maria Cantwell

Senator Jeff Merkley

Senator Patty Murray

Senator Ron Wyden

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