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Press Release
June 24, 2010

Silicon Energy Expands to Larger Marysville Facility

Marysville, WA -- Silicon Energy, the first certified PV solar module manufacturer in the state, has moved from Arlington to an expanded facility in Marysville. “We’ve nearly doubled our facility’s size,” says Silicon president Gary Shaver, “and this reflects the growth we’ve seen this year and the expansion plans we have.”
The move from 14,000 to 27,000 square feet will accommodate an increase in production capacity, staffing needs, and product development. Since January, Silicon Energy has grown from 15 to 20 employees. In addition, they’re bringing a solar inverter system to market, which satisfies our state Department of Revenue’s “made in Washington” requirement for the solar incentive.
As Shaver explains, an inverter converts solar energy from its native DC current to standard, household AC. “With the state’s solar incentive program, only systems with both modules and inverters made here at home receive full benefit. We want our customers to maximize their solar investment, so developing an inverter was a logical step.”
Washington State’s incentive program is the first of its kind in the country. It differs from other states’ programs because it pays for the actual power produced, rather than for the size of the system installed, and involves far less paperwork for the home or business owner. A PV system owner can earn up to 54 cents per kW-hour AND save the 8 cents they’d normally pay for that same kW-hour. A second incentive program, Community Solar Projects, gives investors up to $1.08 per kW-hour for financing a PV system on a public facility such as a school or city hall.
That’s good news for Washington’s only certified PV module manufacturer, and it doesn’t end there. Silicon Energy has selected a Minnesota location for a second module production facility, and plans have it operational by early 2011. The new facility will also make the Cascade module which, when combined with a solar inverter, converts sunlight directly into electricity for use in homes and businesses.
Silicon Energy sells through a growing network of qualified solar contractors in Washington. Each receives factory training on Silicon Energy products, and has independent solar installation certification. Interested parties can find a list of these contractors, as well as more information about Silicon Energy products and the incentives, by going to
For more information contact:
Silicon Energy
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