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Creating change in our energy future requires coordinated action by many people and organizations. Being effective in our advocacy also requires access to information and vital resources.  In this section you will find links to a variety of resources to help you be an effective agent of change.

Information and Links to help you take action! 

Our own collection of materials to help you understand the issues and make effective decisions.
Want to let your legislators and other political leaders know your opinion on the importance of renewable energy to the future of our region? Here you can find information on how to contact Northwest policy makers.
Renewable Northwest plays a very specific part in the larger effort to shape our energy future. Here we share some of our favorite resources for the information we rely upon to do our own work. Check out these links to some of our partners and cohorts.
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Renewable Northwest Image Library
We hope to have our catalogue of renewable energy images online soon.
Wind and Sun -- Montana's Next Economic Boom

To learn more about the untapped potential of Montana's abundant, clean, sustainable wind and solar energy resources, CHARGE!


Celebrating 10 Years of Montana's RPS

Montana's Renewable Standard is celebrating 10 years of success. The economic benefits have been substantial, and Montana is just scratching the surface of it's renewable resource potential.

> Download the Report and Infographic

Video - Energy Imbalance Market

It is time for the Northwest to modernize its electricity system and create an Energy Imbalance Market.

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Renewable Energy Case Studies
Renewable energy development is transforming the region as companies and family farms harness their own power and catch the sustainability business wave. Check out the stories below for some examples of what others are doing.