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Renewable Northwest is the region’s leading non-profit focused exclusively on advocating for new, clean, sustainable, renewable resources.

The history of Renewable Northwest is the history of renewable energy in the Northwest!

Founded in 1994 as Renewable Northwest, we have grown to become one of the nation’s premier renewable energy advocacy organizations. Our unique model of combining the talents of diverse, renewable energy business and non-profit members to advocate for the expansion of environmentally responsible renewable energy resources has resulted in much success. Together, we have supported state and regional policies that have brought the region over 8,000 MWs of new solar, wind and geothermal projects—enough to serve 2,000,000 customers. The resulting clean energy investment, job creation, local economic development, and clean air benefits are helping support our treasured quality of life. Our work in Washington, Oregon, and Montana has made the Northwest a national leader on the path to a clean energy future and a respected, effective advocate in the regional energy community. Today Renewable Northwest is a go-to hub for expertise.
Each day we advance renewable energy by; developing and supporting policies that create competitive markets for additional new, renewable resources; allow access by all customers to clean energy; expanding regional transmission markets and rules to accommodate additional renewable resources; supporting the implementation of timely, sensible siting protocols; and voicing positive messages about the benefits of clean energy throughout the region. But we don’t just support new policies. We recognize that the regulatory implementation work that follows the adoption of a new state policy is critical to ensuring that there is confidence and transparency in the local market, and that the rules that govern resource siting, acquisition and integration are fair and balanced.
Whether you are an elected or appointed official responsible for making policy decisions, an industry or advocacy member of the renewable energy community, or a fellow citizen (including media reporters!) of our four-state region, our team at Renewable Northwest is committed to providing thorough, accurate information about new, renewable resources and their role in the electricity system, new and emerging renewable energy technology, and the generous endowment of clean, renewable energy potential throughout the Northwest.
Renewable energy improves public health, strengthens the economy, and preserves the environment. We combine expertise with passion for a clean energy future to make renewable energy available to everyone from individual members of the community to businesses.

Our Vision

We envision the Northwest powered by clean, affordable, reliable, renewable energy that protects the climate, strengthens the economy, and preserves our quality of life.

Our Mission

We advocate for the expansion of environmentally responsible renewable energy resources in the Northwest through collaboration with government, industry, utilities, customers, and advocacy groups.

Our Strategy

The people of the Northwest have spoken and the days of burning coal and other polluting fossil fuels to meet our energy needs are coming to an end. Building on the renewable edge we have in the region with our hydro system, we use a time-proven market pull and policy push strategy to accelerate new renewable energy deployment. By creating market opportunities and advancing energy policies that prioritize development of clean home-grown renewable energy resources, we seize the opportunity to replace aging coal generation and other polluting fossil-fuel resources with a diverse portfolio of new technology that keeps our system reliable, stabilizes rates for customers, preserves the environment for future generations, and improves public health.
Our Staff is a small but concentrated group of approximately a dozen subject matter experts in renewable energy policy, law, and technology.
Our Members include industry representatives and customer advocacy groups alike – all of who share commitment to collaborative development of a diverse energy portfolio that builds on the region’s base of hydroelectricity while keeping electricity prices reasonable and improving public health and protecting our environment.
Wind and Sun -- Montana's Next Economic Boom

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