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Signing up for green power is easy for most utility customers in the Northwest. Basic descriptions of Idaho utility green power programs are listed here. Find your utility in the list below and call the number provided, or click on the utility name to go to their web site for more information.


(800) 227-9187
"Buck-a-Block" program supports wind power. Program costs $1 per 300 kWh block.
Green power Choice program supports landfill gas. Cost is $2/month per 100 kWh block, or members may choose to purchase 100% of their electricity from a green power source for an additional 1 cent per kWh.
"Green Power" program supports wind and solar power. Program costs 0.95 cents per kWh and allows youto determine how many dollars a month you want to spend on the program.
Rocky Mountain Power (Idaho Customers)
(800) 769-3717
Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue SkySM renewable energy program offers Idaho residential and small non-residential customers the opportunity to support renewable energy through the Block program.

Blue Sky customers not only support renewable energy production from newly developed facilities in the Western region, but also help make smaller-scale renewable energy projects possible in the communities we serve beyond Pacific Power’s investments.  

  • Blue Sky Block lets you support Green-e Energy Certified Western region wind resources in 100 kilowatt-hour (kwh) increments called blocks for an additional fixed cost of $1.95 per block per month. You also help to build smaller scale community-based renewable energy projects. You can buy as many blocks as you'd like, allowing you to green a portion or all your energy use.
  • Blue Sky QS is a program for businesses that want to make large wind energy purchases at a reduced cost. With Blue Sky QS, you get a "Quantity Savings" for buying at least 101 blocks of Blue Sky per month. The cost starts at $1.94 per 100 kilowatt-hours and is based on a sliding scale. The more you buy, the less the per unit (block) cost.

Sign up online at

Vigilante Electric Cooperative
Supports wind and small hydro from BPA's Environmentally Preferred Power. Cost is $1.10/100 kWh block or 1.1 cents per kWh of usage.

Don't see your utility on the list?
You can still ensure your energy consumption is clean by purchasing renewable energy certificates through a green power marketer.
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