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Regional partners recently gathered for the Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) Partners Summit to discuss and support the school's renowned Renewable Energy Technology (RET) program. The Summit was held on the banks of the great Columbia River at the Maryhill Museum of Art: a regional cultural treasure and unique renewable energy success story.

One of the first RET programs officially approved by the American Wind Energy Association, the CGCC RET program offers curriculum and training experiences that shape the skilled workforce to match the region's renewable energy leadership.


CGCC leadership and staff - Dr. Susan Wolff, Dan Spatz, Abigail Brown, Mary Kramer and Suzanne Burd - provided program updates and welcomed feedback and new ideas about curriculum and workforce training.

Colleen Schafroth, Executive Director of the Maryhill Museum of Art, welcomed the group. We were among the first to meet in the museum’s beautiful new Mary & Bruce Stevenson Wing. Ms. Schafroth also presented a case study about how wind energy’s presence in the region – and on land owned by Maryhill – has enabled the museum to further thrive and expand.

Amanda Hoey, Executive Director of the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, presented a case study on regional economic development and the benefit of renewable industries.

Erin Greeson of Renewable Northwest presented on the role policy plays in shaping the region’s renewable energy economy. She addressed successes linked to good policies, challenges posed by uncertainty, and opportunities that exist for renewable energy growth, from coal plant transitions to server farm and data center growth.


CGCC, a longtime Renewable Northwest member, plays an imperative role in the Northwest clean energy ecosystem. We congratulate CGCC on years of success, and we encourage industry partners, communities and prospective students to learn more at:




Dan Spatz, CGCC Institutional Advancement Officer, joined Renewable Northwest and many allies in detailing Oregon’s $5.4B renewable energy industry success story:

American Wind Energy Association recognized CGCC as one of its first officially approved Renewable Energy Technology programs:

For more information about the Maryhill Museum of Art:

The Oregonian on Maryhill Museum's expansion:

Video spanning the view at Maryhill Museum of Art: wind turbines, blue skies and Mt. Hood:

Story by Mallory Miller and Erin Greeson.

Photographs by Erin Greeson. Capitions from top to bottom:
1) Maryhill Museum's original mansion structure with new Mary & Bruce Stevenson Wing addition on left.
2) Dr. Susan Wolff and Dan Spatz of CGCC. 
3) RET Partners Summit presenters: Mary Kramer, CGCC, Erin Greeson, Renewable Northwest, Dr. Susan Wolff, CGCC, Suzanne Burd, CGCC, Abigail Brown, CGCC.
4) View of modern art and modern wind turbines from Maryhill Museum courtyard.
5) Maryhill Museum entrance with wind turnbines in background.

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